Lagu Helloween Ballads (1987-2013) Mp3

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Lagu Helloween Ballads (1987-2013) Mp3

Lagu Helloween Ballads (1987-2013) Mp3
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Download Lagu Helloween Ballads (1987-2013) Mp3
Uma pequena coletânea de 19 baladas do grupo alemão Helloween, desde a sua formação em 87, com Michael Kiske nos vocais, até os dias de hoje, com Andi Deris. Eis a Playlist:

Com Michael Kiske:
00:00 - A Tale That Wasn't Right (Keeper of The Seven Keys Part I)
04:45 - We Got The Right (Keeper of The Seven Keys Part II)
09:53 - Your Turn (Pink Bubbles Go Ape)
15:32 - I Don't Wanna Cry No More (Chameleon)
20:43 - Windmill (Chameleon)
25:51 - I Believe (Chameleon)
35:01 - Longing - (Chameleon)

Com Andi Deris:
39:19 - In The Middle of a Heartbeat (Master of the Rings)
43:50 - Forever and One (The Time of the Oath)
47:41 - If I Knew (The Time of the Oath)
53:12 - Time (Better Than Raw)
58:57 - If I Could Fly (The Dark Ride)
1:03:06 - Immortal (The Dark Ride)
1:07:11 - Don't Stop Being Crazy (Rabbit Don't Come Easy)
1:11:41 - Light the Universe ( Keeper of The Seven Keys - The Legacy)
1:16:34 - As Long As I Fall (Gambling With The Devil)
1:20:16 - Fallen To Pieces (Gambling With The Devil)
1:26:09- The Smile of the Sun (7 Sinners)
1:30:50 - Hold Me In Your Arms (Straight Out Of Hell)

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